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Construction Works Insurance | Learn More About Contract Works Insurance for Master Builders

Insurance for support workers - HMD Insurance

Construction work insurance is a type of insurance that provides protection for construction companies and contractors from the risks and hazards associated with the construction industry. This insurance is important because construction work can be a dangerous and unpredictable business, with a high risk of accidents, injuries, and property damage.

There are many reasons why you should consider getting construction work insurance. It is a small investment that can provide significant protection and peace of mind, making it a smart choice for any construction company or contractor. Find out how we can help insure your company.

What is Contract Works Insurance?

Contract works Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for builders and contractors involved in construction projects. It includes protection against loss or damage to the construction works, materials, and liabilities that may arise during the project. This insurance is indispensable for builders as it provides them with peace of mind and financial security in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

 Does a Builder Need Contract Work Insurance?

Insurance for support workers - HMD Insurance

For builders, having contract works insurance is not only a legal requirement but also a practical necessity. It safeguards them against potential financial losses that could result from property damage, injuries, or other mishaps on the construction site. By insuring their projects, builders can focus on their work without worrying about unexpected liabilities.

How Does Construction Works Insurance Differ from Public Liability Insurance?

While public liability Insurance covers liabilities related to third-party injuries or property damage, construction works insurance provides broader coverage specific to construction projects. Builders may need to replace their public liability insurance with construction works insurance to ensure comprehensive protection against risks associated with construction activities.

Public liability insurance protects businesses and individuals from claims made by third parties for personal injury or property damage. It is essential for all businesses, including builders and contractors, to have this insurance to mitigate the financial risks associated with liability claims.

Insurance for support workers - HMD Insurance

Construction works insurance offers more tailored coverage for construction activities, including protection for the construction works, materials, and liability cover specific to building projects. Builders are encouraged to opt for construction works insurance in addition to or in place of public liability insurance for comprehensive coverage.

Construction works insurance provides builders with a higher level of protection against risks inherent in construction projects. It covers a wide range of scenarios, including damage to property, injuries on-site, and potential product liabilities that may arise during construction works. This comprehensive insurance ensures that builders are adequately covered for all potential risks.

Why is Construction Works Insurance Important for Businesses?

Insurance for support workers - HMD Insurance

Construction works insurance is crucial for businesses in the building and construction industry as it provides a safety net against unforeseen events that could impact their projects. By protecting construction projects and insuring against property damage, this insurance offers financial security and peace of mind to builders and contractors.

One of the primary roles of construction works insurance is to safeguard construction projects from unexpected events such as natural disasters, theft, or accidents that could lead to financial losses. By ensuring that projects are adequately insured, builders can minimise the risks associated with construction works.

Property damage is a common risk in the construction industry, and construction works insurance helps builders mitigate this risk by providing coverage for damage to buildings, materials, and equipment on-site. This insurance ensures that builders are financially protected in the event of property damage during construction.

Insurance brokers specialising in business insurance, including construction works insurance, assist builders in understanding their insurance needs and finding the right policies for their projects. By leveraging the expertise of insurance brokers, builders can make informed decisions about their insurance coverage, ensuring that they are adequately protected.

What Are Common Insurance Policies for Builders and Contractors?

Builders and contractors have access to a range of insurance policies tailored to their specific needs in the construction industry. These insurance policies cover areas such as liability, property damage, and project-specific risks, providing builders with comprehensive protection against potential losses.

Builders insurance policies encompass a variety of coverage options, including public liability insurance, Product liability insurance, and contract works insurance. These policies are designed to protect builders against different types of risks they may encounter during their projects.

Insurance for support workers - HMD Insurance

Tradies, or tradespeople working in the construction industry, can benefit from trade-specific insurance that caters to their unique requirements. Whether it’s tool insurance, vehicle insurance, or liability cover, tradies have access to specialised insurance products that address their specific needs.

Contract works insurance policies provide builders with comprehensive coverage for their construction projects. These policies typically include protection for the construction works, materials, equipment, and liabilities that may arise during the project. By having a contract works insurance policy in place, builders can ensure that their projects are adequately insured.

How Can Contract Works Insurance Cover Construction Sites?

Contract works insurance plays a crucial role in covering construction sites against a range of risks that builders may face during their projects. By including public liability insurance within their construction works insurance policy, builders can enhance their protection and ensure comprehensive coverage for their construction activities.

Construction sites are prone to various risks, including accidents, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters. Contract works insurance helps builders mitigate these risks by providing coverage for property damage.

Insurance for support workers - HMD Insurance

Construction works insurance providers offer a range of services to builders, including policy customization, claims assistance, and risk management support. By partnering with reputable insurers such as HMD Insurance, builders can access expert guidance and tailored insurance solutions for their construction projects.


A: Contract works insurance, also known as construction works insurance, covers a range of risks associated with construction projects to protect businesses and individuals involved in the construction industry.

A: Contract works insurance can cover things like damage to the construction site, materials, equipment, and liability for third-party injuries or damages.

A: Construction insurance or contract works policies are essential for builders working on new homes. You may need construction works insurance to ensure you’re covered for any legal liability in relation to the contracted works. HMD Insurance can help you purchase this insurance to secure quality cover for the building.

A: HMD Insurance is responsible for providing contract works insurance during construction, also known as builders insurance. This coverage includes protection for the building, plant and equipment, as well as third parties such as tradies and subcontractors.

A: Yes, if you are a builder or subcontractor, you may need contract works insurance to protect yourself and your business from potential risks and liabilities.

A: Contract works insurance provides cover for unexpected events such as accidents, theft, or damage to materials, helping to ensure the project can continue without major financial setbacks.

A: You can purchase contract works insurance through brokers or business insurance providers.

A: While contract works insurance may include public and products liability cover, it is not a direct replacement for a standalone public liability insurance policy. It is important to check the specific coverage of each policy.

A: Terms related to contract works insurance include annual policy, subcontractors, display homes, single project policy, and ABN (Australian Business Number).

A: Contract works insurance is crucial for businesses in the construction industry as it provides protection against potential financial losses due to unforeseen events during the project.

A: Builders, tradies, and construction companies often require contract works insurance to protect themselves and their projects during the construction process.

A: Brokers can assist in finding the right insurance policy tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you have the peace of mind you need while working on projects.

A: Contract works insurance is crucial in providing financial protection against unforeseen events that could cause damage to the build or impact the progress of a construction project.

A: Contract works insurance can be beneficial in cases of damage to the build, issues causing delays or disruption to the project, or liability for any accidents that may occur on the construction site.

A: Contract works insurance is specifically designed to cover risks associated with construction projects, such as damage during construction, while other business insurances may focus on different aspects of a company’s operations.

Sharon Bae (shazbae)
Sharon Bae (shazbae)
Glenn from HMD Insurance spent time to understand my business in order to obtain the right insurances for my business. I was very impressed with how knowledgeable he is and the way in which he explained the options so that it was easy to understand. Very impressed and recommend highly!
Brett Parker
Brett Parker
Glenn is a pleasure to deal with and always the client's best interests in mind when providing insurance solutions.
Melissa Duck
Melissa Duck
My experience with HMD Insurance has been nothing short of exceptional. David was easy to work with, handling all of my questions with expertise and unwavering professionalism. I really appreciated David's attention to detail and clear communication every step of the way.
Asmarina Store
Asmarina Store
HMD Insurance had excellent customer service. The were extremely helpful to get us retail business insurance cover better than others. 5 star customer service!
Lorenzo Gonzalez
Lorenzo Gonzalez
Glen is easy to work with and got us better rates than the our previous brokers.
Nick Bendel
Nick Bendel
A big thank you to David and the HMD Insurance team for organising several insurance policies for my company, Hunter & Scribe. You provided expert advice, patiently answered all my questions, and then, once I'd chosen my policies, moved very quickly to ensure my company was able to hit a particular deadline. Thanks to your great service, I knew I was in safe hands from the moment we started working together. I look forward to you handling my company's insurance needs for years to come.

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