HMD is an established expert in the higher education sector. The accumulated experience of our team has been built through providing risk and insurance advice to many of the Group of Eight, technical, regional, and private universities, research institutions and colleges.

We understand the unique and everchanging risk landscape of the higher education sector and the many challenges institutions are facing. University budgets have been severely impacted by a severe downturn in international students, which is often used to help fund research projects. Voluntary redundancies and reduced capital expenditure have aided budget positions, but in many cases, this has left staff to do more with less. There has been an increased demand from domestic students, but with no material change in funding caps, many increased enrolments will be unfunded.

How we can help

We are highly experienced in managing higher education clients and have a detailed understanding of all local and global markets, including Unimutual. We understand the nuances of student travel, clinical trials, and the complexities around protecting and valuing research. This experience includes providing insurance broking, claims advocacy, risk consulting and outsourced insurance management services to a wide range of Australian higher education clients.