Helping agribusiness clients navigate the complexities attached to their insurance risk profile through the good and the hard times is core to the HMD philosophy.

The challenges of climate change and ongoing drought conditions alone bring about property damage, the loss of crops and livestock, and increased costs for water, feed and other production expenses.

Each Agribusiness is unique, and a comprehensive understanding of your organisation is required to ensure your interests are accurately represented to insurers so we can secure the broadest level of cover at the most cost-effective price.

How we can help

Our core objective is to fully understand your agribusiness, so the advice we give helps you to achieve your business goals and objectives. By working with you to take control of your manageable risks, we can achieve the right insurance coverage solution at the right price for those risks that need to be insured.

From hobby farms to food production, our specialist insurance and risk advisers will work with you to make sure your business is as prepared as it can be to survive an insurable event, so you can take full advantage of any opportunities that are on the horizon.