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HMD Insurance & GoPeople: Working Together

GoPeople has arranged access to Group Public & Products Liability insurance cover for its independent courier & delivery drivers. Please note, when you choose to opt into the GoPeople General & Products Liability insurance program, you will automatically be covered when you make deliveries via the GoPeople platform (subject to certain terms and conditions).

General & Products Liability Cover

This insurance covers your legal liability to pay compensation to a third party arising out of personal injury, property damage or advertising liability (subject to certain terms and conditions).

The insurance cover is underwritten by Canopius Australia.

How do I confirm my insurance cover?

HMD Insurance Pty Ltd (HMD) has been appointed by Go People Pty Ltd (GoPeople) as its insurance advisor and consultant.

As a courier or delivery driver for GoPeople, you have the option of being automatically covered when you deliver products via the GoPeople platform. If you choose to opt in, General & Products Liability insurance cover automatically applies when you are delivering products arranged and invoiced through the GoPeople platform.

Your Certificates of Insurance can be obtained via the GoPeople user platform by using your individual username and password. For further details on how to access your Certificates of Insurance, please contact your GoPeople support team.

What am I not covered for?

You are not covered for work arranged or invoiced outside the GoPeople platform or for the following key risks:

  • Damage to your vehicle
  • Damage to a Third Party vehicle
  • Injury to a Third Party whilst operating a registered vehicle
  • Personal accident, sickness or illness
  • Loss of income
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • General property
  • Cyber insurance
  • Management liability

If you would like to obtain a quote for work arranged or invoiced outside the GoPeople Platform or for any uninsured risks, please contact HMD Insurance at

GoPeople General & Products Liability Policy Details

Summary of cover

This insurance policy provides benefits to GoPeople’s independent courier & delivery drivers (insured person) using the GoPeople platform whilst they are engaged in approved deliveries for GoPeople.

Click here  for a summary of key limits, sub-limits, sums insured and additional benefits applicable to the policy.

If you would like to know more detail about the policy, please download and read the policy documents provided below.


To discuss the insurances available to independent courier & delivery drivers for services invoiced through the GoPeople platform, please contact your account managers at HMD. Click here  for our Financial Services Guide (FSG).

For claims or enquiries in relation to General & Products Liability please contact:

If you have a claim

Claims Forms

Here are the claims forms for each of the insurance covers:

Claim lodgement process

Your completed claim form and supporting documentation will need to be emailed to

If you have any questions or need to follow up a claim please contact HMD by using the above email address or the following number: 1300 622 531.

When submitting your claim:
  • Please include your policy number which is found on your certificate of currency and your GoPeople incident reference number.
  • Your claims manager will verify whether the liability arose as a result of undertaking approved work via the GoPeople Platform at the time of the claim.
  • Your claim form and supporting documentation will also be reviewed for completeness to ensure you have provided all the information necessary to lodge the claim on your behalf.
  • Your claim will be lodged with the insurer, Canopius Australia on your behalf, who will assess the information in line with the policy terms and conditions and determine if the claim is to be accepted.
  • Your Account Manager will liaise with you directly and the applicable deductible for the General & Products Liability policy will need to be paid if you wish to proceed with the claim.